How we creat the value for you?

– Getting the Cheaper price for you
– Save your time & Transaction cost
– Control the risk of buying from Vietnam, including the barrier of language, verify suppliers…

One stop service charges:
– Service fees based on the total information we supply, sourcing fee depends on the number of supplier you want to audit
– Translation & Guiding fees
– Transportation and hotel arrangement fees

Coming to Vietnam
– Arrange Hotel, transport arrangement
– Translate & Guide to the Exhibitions or factory
– Choose products/ suppliers
– Deposit & confirmation
– Follow up the price quotation
– Follow up the orders
2. Not come to Vietnam
– Receive the product design
– Sourcing & Quote
– Deposit & confirmation
– Supplier Audit
– Sampling & confirmation
– Follow up production/ Orders

How long does it take to source in Vietnam?

From the initial inquiry to delivery to your site, it may take you about one weeks to three months. Sourcing time depends on what kind of products you want to find, and VNJP can help you save sourcing time.

(1) We are a sourcing company
(2) One-stop Solution Services
(4) The Fastest Agent Service
(5) Good communication channel
(6) Affordable Commission

We all expect to work directly with the supplier, and expect the manufacturer can give us the best quality products and or services, actually, there will have much more trouble than we thought, especially working in Vietnam:

Sourcing is really a time consuming process.
2. The quality of the goods is of major concern.
3. Suppliers are not so honest and responsible as you thought.
4. Inexperienced suppliers causes big problems on documents, shipping etc.
5. Differences between languages and cultures are also a big difficulties when working in Vietnam. Ineffective communication may leads to slow, unprofessional or even irrelevant response from the suppliers.
6. You have no direction about purchasing, whether it is done via manufacturers or other indirect sources.