in 2023

  • The current population of Vietnam (or Viet Nam) is 99,665,352 as of Thursday, March 2, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.
  • Vietnam 2020 population is estimated at 97,338,579 people at mid year according to UN data.
  • Vietnam population is equivalent to 1.25% of the total
  • Vietnam ranks number 15 in the list of countries
  • The population density in Vietnam is 314 per Km2 (813 people per mi2).
  • The total land area is 310,070 Km2 (119,719 sq. miles)
    37.7 % of the population is urban (36,727,248 people in 2020)
  • The median age in Vietnam is 32.5 years.

When outsourcing first became a byword among big business owners, countries in Southeast Asia have become a major player in the industry. One such country which has benefited from the influx of clients from other parts of the world outsourcing their tasks, jobs and projects is Vietnam. One of the most important benefits that investors will get to enjoy when choosing Vietnam as an outsourcing destination, especially when compared with its neighboring Asian countries, is the fact that there are cost savings that they can easily incur. This is in terms of the low salaries that the talented labor force in Vietnam has. In addition, they are keen on learning, so you can rest assured that they have the passion and enough skills to excel at what they do.

Take a look at the following reasons why Vietnam the Preferred Choice is?

  • Labor costs lower
  • Skilled, high labor pool
  • Strong work and quality ethics
  • Easy access to deep sea ports
  • Political stability and favorable trade policies